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Join the Assurance Program: Get Certified

1. Are You Eligible?

Participation in InCommon Assurance Program is open to InCommon Identity Provider Operators that represent:

  • Higher Education institutions
  • Research Organizations
  • Not-for-profit Sponsored Partners (except those that offer consumer-oriented identity services)

We'd be happy to determine your eligibility status with you. Email admin AT incommon DOT org.

2. Send Us Your Application Package

If you are eligible and would like to apply for certification, send us the following application package:

For Bronze

For Silver

  • Provide your audit summary as outlined in Section 4.2 of the Identity Assurance Assessment Framework [PDF].
  • Include the organization(s) that has certified your auditor and the respective certification number(s).
  • Cite any alternative means that you used in your implementation to comply with the specification.
  • Include the completed and signed Assurance Addendum [PDF] to your existing InCommon Participation Agreement
  • You completed Participant Identity Provider Operations Data Form (part of the Assurance Addendum)

A note on Alternative Means: If you intend to use alternative means to comply with the specifications, ensure that you follow the process for approval outlined on the web page. For more information, email admin AT

3. InCommon Reviews

The InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC) and then the InCommon Steering Committee will review your confidential application package, and approve or get back to you with questions.

4. Certification

If your application is approved, InCommon will countersign your Assurance Addendum. After that:

  1. Your IdPO is certified and the relevant identity assurance qualifier(s) will be added to your metadata
  2. We will inform you of the start/expiration dates of your certification
  3. You may use the appropriate Assurance Silver and/or Bronze logos on your site
  4. We will welcome you to the Assurance Program and ask if you would like to share your approaches with the community to help build the successful practice base!

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